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"We never received full coverage like this when we were with our previous agency"


"Thank You S & S Health Care for being reliable and doing so much for our family."


"We were always involved and knew which nurse was coming to our house and when."


"Our concerns were always listened to and followed up on."


"We appreciate what S & S Health Care has done for us over the last several years."


"Thank You for providing us with professional and compassionate nurses."


"This job is great!  I wouldn't go back to facility nursing ever again!"


"Thank you for reliable work and great pay for one on one care."

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S & S Health Care
11319 E Carlisle Ave Suite 104

Spokane Valley, WA 99206


Phone: 509-533-0005

Fax:     509-533-1423 

Email: info@sandshealthcare.com


Monday - Thursday    8am-4pm

Closed Major Holidays

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